4000 potatoes, Quechua,
edible guinea pigs &
pre-Columbian ruins

International Health Care

This is actually a pretty interesting idea!

Last night I had a really nice conversation with Dave LoVerme and he informed me that they are doing a 5k in honor of his brother Mike who recently passed away. It would mean so much to me to have my running (or walking) friends in the Boston/Merrimack area attend this race. I wish I could be there to run it myself, but if you could run it for me I would be so happy!

October 14th. Mark your calendar! I will supply more details as they come. 

Everytime I read this blog

I really want to be Italian.

Bill- here is another Brasilian song for you!

otra cancion

Arriba los manos!

I really like Brasilian music

Annie Huppert….

I need some running inspiration in my life. I keep making the altitude an excuse.

Jaya is a shoulder cat.